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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 23, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 3wwdneeday january 23rd
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3 secretarr of state hillary cllnton is on capitol hill to testify about the attaak at phe u-s consulate in libba on september 11th. 11th.she just arrived t the senate foreign relaaions pommitee.tom rodders is here with that and this mmrning's other top sttries.good morning . tom. her testimony comes after several weeks of siikkees -- including a stomach virus and a blood lot that delayed her ability to appearrbefore &pcongress.the hearing is underway.... let's listen in. inn - clinton will no p linton will no &pdoubt bb asked about security
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in place.kind of security was - maryland t shirt makers said they cooud make an extra 100-thousand dollars or moreewith a ravens super bowl appeerance. but what happens if they run out of purple shirts? it allost happpned.joel d. smith iss at marylann screen printers to find out that storyy and who ttey are targeting now for their newest . shirts. good morning joel d. no purple shirtswomen's options....930 niiht of the game..... crazy, around the clock.
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we''e ollowing ray'sslast ride all the way to the superdome in new orleann.see our stories on the ravens playofff.... hear aw interviews from the players... and find other web links by going to our website... foxbaltimore dot on the "ray's laat ride" banner on our homepage. a appy marriage... meaas heavier waistline. waistline.that'' accorring to followed hhnnreds of young couples... during their fiist
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pourryears of maariage. they found the more satisfied the couples were with their pounds since their wedding day. less-satisfied &pppouses tended to ggin lees weight. we've been talking about it all morning... there's some buzz over reports that beyonce pnthem at thh preeidential inau. inauguration.listen and see think.anthem nats nats 3ááchatáá - we posted about thhs on our
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facebook page... dashawnn "we know for certain daahawn- "we ashawn- we know for certain that sseecan singg so why doee it matter? it's very difficult to perfect souuddin open spaces. even if phe dddn'ttsing it live, we ceetainnthat sse did in fact sinn it. people haven'' a kind . great singer, and she sings great liveeor reeorded, but should have no bearing oo her performanne the other day." day."jeremy- "sorry shouldn'tt lip sync the national aathem.
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cold or no cold. that's one you as an american artist should do live." noomatter what you think of beyonce's lip synching.. or not llp hhr performance aa flawless. unlike some of the other biggest lip synchh"fails" n ashlee simpssn? simpson?ashlee simpson nats nats the lip synch thht started it all... milli vanilli.
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milli vanilli nats nats--milll anilli- 1990 - tthy were sttipped of their best new artist grammy award 3 poming up... before the superbowl.. he was headed to thh small screenn top: he was always busy with his footbaal?i dont &pwanna meet your cousin never pllying foooballlagain againthe famous face ii football who made a cameo on ago. you're watchhng fox 5 morning &pnews.. all ocal.. all mmrning. ((bump out))
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nn!nn!n!n!n! 33&celebrate the land down unde
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by getting your faae painted or enjoying a didgeriioo performance. the national aquarium in baltimore is hosting australia day. day.emily graceyyjoins us for this morninns hometown hotspot. - what can we see?- dd we have to purrhase a differenn ticket for this exhibitt
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auusralia ay is satuuday jaauaay 26th froo 10:00 a.m. to 2:000p.m. at he national aquarium in baltimore. for baltimore dot com lash morning. cominggup... start your prize.what you can dooright riz.
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noww. to enter to wwn an entire wedddng on us. ou're atchiig fox 45 good day baltimore.
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((break 2)) 3 some ccuplls take a year or more to plan their wedding.but we're doing it in just one's our wedding in week contest... and you can enter to win an all--expenses- paid wedding... on us. hundred words r lessswhy you should win.send your entty to west 41st street in baltimore.. 21211... or log onto foxbaltimore dot
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com to enter..b sure to read the official rules and include a ppoto with your entty! entry!and it's all broughh to yyu by the baltimore bridal show at the baltimore convention center february 2nd and 3rd. 3 3
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3 comiig up... find the right furry frieed &pfor your family.the best breeds for yyur perssnality. and... before anging with &pstars... he as hanging out &pwith "scceech."the faaous fac
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in the n---l who made a guest appearance on "savee by the bell: theenew class." you're watchhng foo 45 ggod day baltimorr. 3
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3 shopping for a nnw pet and not sure wwat typeeof pettwould fit in, within your house hold? don't worry our expert can help.dr. meehan ohnston &pfrom hhnt valley animal hospital joins us for this mornings pee segment. - what dogs typically have hyper
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personality?- which dogs do beter with children? - which dogs have a miller
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anssering any questions you johnston stick arounn.....dr. meghan johnnton will be annwering any questioos you may haae about your pet ... in the next half hour.
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hour. so if you have a question.... send us a tteet at fox baltimore or post a omment on stamps.hhw much mmre you'll y - pay for tamps... anddwhennthe and... a code blue alert in the long this cold weather will last.. and when blast of winter weether could be on the're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3
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"i knew at that point that god himself rescued me." "god had a reason for her to be there." "it's only because of god's grace that i'm sitting here." "i can only say that the lord sent an angel and removed lisa from the car." "god can conquer everything, even death itself." "i love god because he saves you when you're sick." ((break 4))
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3 &p secretary of state hillary testify about the attack at to - september 11th. foreign relations commitee.
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3 3 p3 3
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if you're feeling tired this morning... one ssep outside freezing again.u.itts below effeet for city resiients.tom rodgers is here with some tips to stty warm... plus your other top storiis of he right now... the city as 14 &. blue alert was issued last e night.the alert rmains in &peffect through sunday evening. will have extenddd hours. hours.for a ist of tte 14 shelters currently operating in the city... you can go tt
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fox-baltimore dot com slash peessinks... or call 3-1-13-1-1 putside today...remember to wear mulitple layers offloose fittiig clothing.ggab a at and scarf.drink plenty of fluids.don'ttforget tt check on those who are elderly... anddkeep your pets warm too.if you're using a spaae heater inside... remember to keep them away from curtaiis... furniture and even clothing. an oregon man ii charged withh co-worker as he used a breaas pump at work. gordon red handed... placing cowwrker's desk.the victim is pooiced the out of place quickly made the discovery. police say they're currently doing an electronics sweep of the eetire building to seeeif there could be any more somebody who's into filming people using breast pump could be in to strange things. it rates prettt hiih on the pod scale. word yet on what criminal pharges he''l face. stamp prices are going up..
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again.the u-s postal service is upping the cost of a stamp by a penny to 466cents for a letter and 33-cents forra &peffect this sunday.if it seem like the price of stamps just ago this week when we saw the last one-cent bump. it turns oou severaa high price grocery items are often faaes. fakes.experts say about 10 fish, olive oil, honey ann 3in - wine re the biggest victims of "food fraud."in fact... up to 65 percent of extra virgin olive oil s actually diiuted with lower gradeeoils. 3 the fun fallout continues from he ravens big win n new england... and t--hirt makers have been printing around the ck clock come together?es it all realll - pogether? joel
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working through the night ere - after the ravens won. d. -3 we're foolowinn ray's last
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rideeall the way to the superdome in new orleansssse our stories on the avens playoffs.... heaa raw interviews from the players... and find other webblinkk by going to our weesite... &pfoxbaatimore dot on the "ray's last ride" banner on oor homepage. he'' the head cooch of one of the 49'ers into the superbowl. buu a little-known cameo e made on the smmll screen... is also making headlines this week. hhrbaugh what is he doing at m - max duh hees having lunchh.. on "saved by the ell: the new - claas."he was quarterrack for the cclts at the time.
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ponighh.mariah fight nats head 3 nnts the one thing mariih carey and nicki minaj.. ctually agree on. you're watchhnggfox 45 good day baltimore.
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((breaa 5))
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((ad llb meteorologist)) 3coming up... the claws come out.. on idol tonight. tooighh.idol fight nats natswhat mariah caaey told us judge nicki minaj. and next... have a question about your pet?our expert joiis us live in studio... with some answers.just call
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theenuuberron your scceen... 410-481-4545... for some free advice. you're baltimore..ox 45 good day 3&((break 6)) 3
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we are back wiih dr. meghan johnston from hunt hhre to answer questions you mmy have about your pet... so now is your chancc to et frre 410-481-45-45 righh now.- which dogs aren'ttgood foo children?aren'ttgood ffr children? 33 3 nicole- 3raaddllstown randallsttwn
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mmnique- "what woold be aagood starter pet forra 4&6 year oldd" old?"mila- "my 8 year old soo is afraid of doos ut i
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want ooe. is it best to get a puppy for him to overcome his fears or just bbst not get one at aal?" all?"rob- weehave a beagleethat haa huge 3 seperationnanxiety... while it's cute and loving, its a little much. we can't walk attackee. how can he trainnhim to be moreecalm and nottjump and go crazy every time we cooe home?" &p coming up... the singers
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spotlight onight. the - nats whht idol udges mariah and drama you'll see n tonightts episode. you're watching fox 45 good day
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?ó 3
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- americaa idol sstps in
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charlotte north carolina tonight.this morning.. the judges tell ussabout the drama aad what they hope to find during theeauditions. auditions. 3 3 &pmariah carey and nicki minaj are two very> laaies...whoobring unique perspectivvs to the judges table. following thh highly ppbliiized charlottee blow up... he tension between the two hhs cootinued----but both agree that the neet american idol shoull bb someene special... carey ays: "people llve a especially in today's world blending together." minaj f - says: "i just want to diversify the contestants that ww are not passing people byy cause they are differenn cause sometimes thhoe ifferent peoole are a peopll who change superstar has strong ideas in a conttstant... minaj r - sayss "it's not an arrogance and aacockiness hat excites mee it's a peace, it'' a certaii calmmess in a cootesttnt that makes meefeel thht their draaing me into tteer world."carey says: "for me i always like the ones that &pare caughttup in heir vibe o their outfitt and teir this and that and if they caa on
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top of that play an maarah won'' keep her from s 3 making the case ffr singers she believes in... minaj says: "if i see in you i'm tell the theerjudges please believe in this person i thiik &pthey have something let's not get rid of them."
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night at 8-pm here oo fox45.n 3 coming up... hhw much longer do we have to deal with these frigid temmeratures?? jonathan's got the annwer in your 7- day forecast after the break. you'reewatchinn fox 45 good day baltimore.
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between marriage and weight gain.why heavier could meen áá7 daa forecastáánews at five.3
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